Movement Direction

I define movement direction as a specific view into a play through approaching the movement of the inner life of the characters on stage.  Sparking the movement from the inside of the actor affects the external picture.  In addition to my work as a Movement Director, I also enjoy working as a Choreographer.  Both of these roles focus on adding shape and dimension to the specific visual and physical life of a production.

The most important part of movement direction is the sensitive relationship developed between myself and a director.  Throughout a rehearsal process nurturing this relationship with open lines of communication is vital to transforming a concept into a reality.  Movement is an element of design and creation that enriches the product by intrinsically focusing on the actors’ process and development.

Some examples of jobs I would be approached to do for stage and film include:

  • Developing psychophysical connection through work with the eyes of screen actors
  • Development and coaching of different animal studies for actors
  • Teaching actor workshops on conditions such as inebriation, age, illness, and cross gender work
  • Adapting and choreographing large group scenes and chorus work
  • Working in masque, various period movement, and historical dance
  • Creating actor awareness to performance spaces, especially work in outdoor venues
  • Creating safe work environments, especially when orchestrating stage fights, lifts, and falls
  • Developing character for actors playing multiple roles

In addition to working as a movement director, I quite often find myself working as a director as well.  In this role I focus on my responsibility to orchestrate bodies in space.  My work depends on just that “space” and “bodies” and how they naturally move.  I strive for an economy of movement and aim to translate a clear message and theme.  This approach is one that I aim to incorporate whether producing original devised pieces or re-investigating classical well-known operas.

Please see Testimonials from colleagues and professionals from work on Past Projects.

I am very adaptable to each project’s individual needs be it stage, screen or even animation.  Please contact me for further information or to discuss a specific project.