Teaching Practice
My teaching experience stretches through a wide array of classroom environments including unique children’s theatre workshops, movement for screen acting, and period movement including historical dance. Working as an actor, dancer, choreographer, and puppeteer has greatly influenced my practice and given me a great sensibility and empathy to each individual I teach.

The focus of my practice is to develop the inner life of character and to open the possibilities of the performer body through physical explorations of weight, space, and time.  In every environment I encourage students to take an active approach and responsibility in their learning process.  Empowering students through such means provides a positive environment, promoting a deep approach to growth and development.

While my current practice is fueled by the work of Rudolf Laban and Michael Chekhov, I have been influenced by years of acting and dance training.  Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Choreography have compiled a huge part of my development as a mover. In addition, with actor training in Stanislavski and Meisner techniques I combine a unique blend of classic and innovative intricacy within my knowledge of the body and the performer.

Photo courtesy of AWESOME Arts Australia

Creative Moves In-School Program – Houston, TX, US
St. Paul’s School (2015 – 2020)

I had the great opportunity to take my wide range of movement skills and hone them when creating my early childhood movement program called Creative Moves for Tots.  This in-school weekly program is based upon the Creative Moves curriculum and is an energetic dance-based class that helps foster creativity while developing motor skills, coordination and self-awareness using the principles of Weight, Space and Time.

The Song Room – Perth, Australia
Queens Park Primary School, North Morley Primary School, Dryandra Primary School
Creative Movement Residency (2008 – 2011)

Easily one of the most rewarding opportunities comes from working in schools to help teachers and students see the benefit in integrating arts in curriculum.  Working with an amazing company called The Song Room, I have worked in a number of fantastic schools teaching in-school and after-school programs.  In-school programs I developed changed each term to fit into the current themes and curriculum within each and every classroom in the school.  At Queen’s Park we finished the residency with a school assembly and performance which was a great opportunity for everyone to have a moment in the spotlight.

West Australian Opera – Perth, Australia
Young Artist Program, Movement Teacher (2007-2010)

Since 2007 I have worked very closely with the current Head of Music, Francis Greep, to develop a movement program for the Western Australian Opera Young Artist Program.  The program has focused on body conditioning, character development, period studies and even audition techniques.  This has been a unique opportunity to experiment and collaborate as the program has continued to grow and expand throughout the years.

Further Teaching Experience Includes:

Houston Independent School District – Houston, TX, USA
Associate Teacher (2022 – current)

Creative Moves Enrichment Program – Houston, TX, USA
Beehive Co-operative Preschool
Creator/Teacher/Substitute (2015 – current)

LEAP In-School Program – Houston, TX, USA
Becker Early Childhood School
Teacher (2015 – 2017)

Creative Moves for Tots – Houston, TX, USA
Nia Moves Studio & Off-Site Events
Creator/Teacher (2014 – 2019)

AWESOME Arts – Perth, Australia
Partnership with State Library School Holidays Program
Movement Artist (April 2010)

Edith Cowan University – Perth, Australia
Contemporary Performance Degree, The Performer’s Instrument
Movement Tutor (2009)

Black Swan Theatre Company – Perth, Australia
Thrills and Skills, Meaning through Motion
Movement Tutor (2007)

Barking Gecko Theatre Company – Perth, Australia
MajKids Workshop Series, Movement Teacher (2007)

Guilford School of Acting – Guilford, United Kingdom
Historical Dance, Assistant Teacher (2006 MA Placement)

Central School of Speech and Drama – London, United Kingdom
MA Acting for Screen, Movement Teacher (2006 MA Placement)

Photo courtesy of AWESOME Arts Australia

I am always interested in creating unique and individual learning trajectories, please contact me for more information or to discuss a specific teaching opportunity or workshop idea.

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