Photo by Max Kordyl courtesy of AWESOME Arts

“In her teaching she gave clear instructions and brought a good sense of
command, she also understood the students and entered into an appropriate and dynamic rapport with them. She was always prepared.”

Ian Brener, Lead Tutor Historical Dance
BA Foundation Musical Theatre and Acting at Guilford School of Acting

“She quickly assessed the needs of the students and was able to adapt her practice to fit in with the needs of non-acting students who were preparing to work in a very challenging outdoor performance space.  She developed excellent relationships with the company and was constantly communicative, adaptable and flexible in her liaisons with me and the other directing team members.  She was entirely professional and well organised at all times and a pleasure to work with.”

Amanda Stuart Fisher, Director An Artist and a Mariner
Applied Theatre Lecturer at Central School of Speech and Drama

“When you went over the whole story and every movement that the character would do, it was a very good experience.  When I was trying to move like Ubi I thought more about the movements, if *Ubi would physically exist how would he move? Going over the possibilities together gave me more ideas I could use for my animation later on.”

Griet Vanhemel, Animation
PG Dip 3D Character Animation
Central St. Martin’s School of Design

*Ubi as since changed names to Uki and Griet’s small project was further developed into a Belgium television program, it will soon be on the BBC in the United Kingdom.  Check out the program details here.

“She was so encouraging and enthusiastic in all our classes.  The work was challenging and informative, but with fun and helpful practical exercises.”

Sarah Young, Actor/Singer
Black Swan Theatre Company Thrills & Skills Program Participant

“The body never lies, especially on stage and Amanda has the skill to not only demonstrate this to her students, but to give them tools to work with it.”

Terry Phillip Farrell, Architect
Black Swan Theatre Company Thrills & Skills Program Participant