Another AWESOME Residency

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Updates

Had a fantastic Creative Challenge experience working on the HOME GROUND project!  I spent two weeks up in Karratha in July doing a residency at Roebourne District High School working in collaboration with artist, Amber Onat Gregory.  We worked with the high school students as well as the Year 4 class over at the Primary School.  I was truly inspired by the experience and still miss the new friends that I made along the way…

Photo courtesy of AWESOME Arts

While exploring the concepts of “homes” and “dwellings” the kids came up with fantastic “dream home” ideas and not only created structures but also objects such as a generator, a pool table and even a desktop computer complete with usb plugs!  We also had fun doing a bit of body painting, with the Year 4s we used the paint to create a banner for our “house” and with the high school students we took the painting even further, exploring the culture of the kids.

Photo courtesy of AWESOME Arts

On Celebration Day we welcomed the students from the Karratha Creative Challenge with a sausage sizzle and then shared the High School Exhibition and also got a chance to see some of their performance scenes.  The Karratha kids were also special guests at the Year 4s celebration installation and everyone had a great time sharing their works.  Overall it was a great residency and we were truly grateful for having such a supportive school to work with during our residency.

Till next time…

Photo courtesy of AWESOME Arts

Check out the article on the Roebourne and Karratha Residencies in the Pilbra Echo here.

Next adventure, heading to Wickham for a school holidays HOME GROUND Creative Challenge on September 27th, stay tuned!

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