School Holidays in Wickham!

Posted: October 9, 2010 in Updates

2010 AWESOME Arts Creative Challenge “HOME GROUND” Residency in Wickham!

Photo by Max Kordyl courtesy of AWESOME Arts


I just returned from Wickham, another two weeks in the Pilbara and I can’t believe how well I know the area now after spending a month there over the last 8 weeks!  On this Creative Challenge Residency I was working with textile artist, Bronwyn Constance.  We had a fantastic and fun school holidays doing all sorts of arts activities.  We wanted to keep the workshops from feeling like school and I think we were successful!  However unwittingly the kids ended up learning all sorts of interesting things including how to use leaves to create natural dye for fabrics, how to mix amazing new shades of colour and even how to work as a team to use bodies to create structure like shapes!


Photo courtesy of AWESOME Arts


On our third day of workshops the kids took us on a walk around Wickham, which is located up in the Pilbara, about 45 min inland from Karratha.  We were introduced to the oval, school, pool and even the skate park!  We gathered interesting things along the way including leaves, sticks, flowers and seeds.  We used these materials to make all sorts of things including small structures, natural dye and even printing tools.  We loved that all the kids’ work was made from things from their “Home Ground” as this was the theme for the project.  On the last day we had a fantastic celebration with parents and community members celebrating the work of these amazing kids!


Photo courtesy of AWESOME Arts



Check out more photos from the residency here and check out for more details on the Creative Challenge project!

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